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    Playa del Carmen. Mexico

    Couple: Mexico

    Wedding anniversary. Red Rock Canyon. Las Vegas

    Couple: Wedding anniversary. Las Vegas

    Romantic Muslim wedding.

    Couple: Romantic Muslim wedding. Terranea Resort. Los Angeles

    Kelly & Michael

    Couple: Kelly & Michael


    Couple: Workshop

    Downtown Los Angeles

    Couple: Downtown Los Angeles

    Ashley & Joe

    Couple: Ashley & Joe

    Las Vegas Forest

    Couple: Forest affair. Las Vegas Forest

    Wedding inspiration.

    Couple: Inspiration session

    Chris & Genn

    Couple: Chris & Genn

    Palos Verdes Library

    Couple: Palos Verdes styled session


    I discovered my passion to photography in 2013. I was working as make-up&hair artist for 3 years and stopped feel enjoy in my business. In search of inspiration I started travel all over around Asia with my new half-professional camera. And found myself enjoying the process of discovering world,variation of cultures, colours, light, personalities, love and faith through my camera. It was photojournalism which opened me how amazing could be memories i create for others with photography, how important it could be for other people.

    Now my photography is my life. I am deep in love with photography! My favourite part is to start family history with wedding photography and continue create memories for every important moments in future.
    It is not only a work for me, it is an honor to be a part of your memories.

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