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Top 10 Moments Your Photographer Should Capture as You Are Getting Ready

BY Julia Lexx | 29.08.2018

A wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life, and definitely, each couple wants it to stay in memories for long. Therefore, a professional and experienced photographer is exceptionally important for any wedding. Just make sure you will have all the important photos and memories after 10, 20 and 30 years of your marriage. Every feeling, every emotion and every moment matters. So before you invite a photographer, think about the moments and feelings you want to capture. Consider the special things you would like to relive in several years.

Getting ready to see the groom was one of the most exciting and cherished parts of the wedding day. It was such a sweet anticipation I had never had before. Thankfully, my photographer did his best and captured literally every moment of that precious meeting in such a beautiful way so that I want to move time back instantly every time I look through the photos.

The chances are high that your photographer will know what to do, so you won’t need to direct him/her all the time throughout the ceremony. However, even you if have hired the most professional and best photographer, it will not hurt if you ask to take a photo of something that is exceptionally special for you. Express your preferences and desires in order to help a photographer understand the whole concept.

When does your wedding start? The moment you are getting ready, and it is usually one of the most significant parts. The most amazing and impressive photos, which are both emotional and silly, are taken during this process. Remind your photographer to capture essential and valuable behind-the-scene moments.

Boudoir Beauty

Probably, the first photo taken right at the beginning of the photo session is a little boudoir set. It is the experience not for every bride, but for the most courageous and broad brow people. These photos should not be included in the general list of wedding photos, but they will serve an impressive gift for your new husband.

Small Party of Bride and Her Maids

The morning of the wedding day is about several last hours before you officially change your status and become married. Thus, it is important to keep these moments in memory. Ordering a bridal robe with your maiden name on the one side and your spouse’s name on the other is a great idea for a photo.

Admire Your Dress

What a beautiful dress you’ve got! Right, that’s exactly what you have been dreaming about. Take a last look at it since things will change in a matter of minutes. Don your dress, as it is the moment you have been waiting months for. Your smile will automatically appear on your face, shining so bright that no one will be able to look up from it. This is one of the most precious photos in the wedding album, which will revive your feelings and remind you of this time.


Do you have a signature smell? That is an exact smell that will remain in your memory for many years as a symbol of your love. Let the photographer capture this sweet moment.

Put Wedding Jewelry

No matter if you are wearing old grandmother’s pearl earrings or newly purchased ones, putting them on is a cute moment you would appreciate. Don’t forget to take several close-up photos of wedding sparklers, like wedding or engagement ring, necklace or earrings.

Details of the Dress

Do you like a glamorous back of the dress or skinny shoulders noticeable under the dress? Ask the photographer to capture all those favorite details.

Reading a Love Letter

There are many couples who choose to read a sweet letter from their other half before the wedding starts. This is a unique, intimate and emotional moment that looks impressive in the photo. Let your photographer capture those moments, so that you could share them after the wedding.

Little Attendants

This is frequently a highlight of the getting-ready photo session. Kids usually do and say the craziest things in the world! Take a photo with small kids helping you take on your necklace or just the ones making you laugh. Your flower girl, ring bearer and other cute candids should remain in your memories for long.


No matter if you are perfecting the locks or applying a final lipstick layer, those minutes should be captured.

Slipping into Shoes

Wearing a long dress, you don’t have any chance for guests to see your shoes. Have your photographer shine a bright spotlight on them before your walk down the aisle.

Important Moment with Your Favorite People

Kissing your mother, toasting with bridesmaids or talking serious with your dad – these are the exact moments you will cherish forever.


Are you ready to go? Right, you are standing right at the beginning of the aisle ready to meet your groom. The view through the veil is a final and important moment you will always remember.


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