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Top 11 Ways to Opt for the Best Wedding Ring

BY Julia Lexx | 29.08.2018

The exclusive ring buying guide we provide will help you make the right choice when selecting the wedding ring.

You have an engagement ring on your finger (surely, after several hints), and now it’s time to choose the perfect wedding band to go along with. Before you say “I do” to the ideal wedding ring, you need to check out the guide and consider every important fact.

1. Narrow Down the Choice

Gemstones or diamonds, gold or platinum – narrow down the options, but without panic! Do it step by step without radical actions. Start with the style you prefer: are you envisioning a simple ring or a band with embellishment? Do you want the wedding ring to be made of the same material with the engagement ring you already have? Should the partner’s ring match? Cover these types of questions, so you can narrow down the search and start shopping for the ring you like.

2. Consider Simultaneous Purchase of Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

If you expect the engagement ring to be a surprise, it may not work, but knowing which bands match the engagement ring can help you pick the right one. For instance, if you have an exclusive engagement ring, simple bands may go perfectly with it, whereas a no-fuss engagement ring may call for an extra sparkle of diamonds on the band. Besides, consider the way the rings look together. If you plan to wear both rings side by side, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, search for a shadow or contour band, created to interlock with the engagement ring. However, if you prefer to wear a wedding band alone, a more intricate style will also be acceptable. Discuss the issue with your jeweler, so you may be sure what ring will work with the one you already have.

3. Early Search Is Half the Battle

If you have a primary idea of the ring you want, start the search and try them on – that is one of the funniest parts. It may take two or even three months before you select the one you want to purchase. This time is necessary for browsing the Internet or searching the assortment of the shops, researching prices and revisiting the bands that catch your eye. Once your heart is set on a custom ring, some more time may be needed. Keep in mind: ordering extras, such as engraving, requires extra time.

4. Mix It Up

Do not get confused or frustrated if you prefer platinum and your partner is fond of yellow gold. One of the most beneficial points in choosing the bands is no rules, so you can have them made from different metals and of different styles. Definitely, you can compromise and order braided bands with both metals in it, or remain completely different – the most important tip for finding the bands you both love is choosing the rings, which reflect your personal styles.

5. Mind the Budget

The cost of the wedding bands should not take more than 3% of the overall price of the wedding. The price tag will depend greatly on the retailer, but on average, a 14 karat gold ring or a simple platinum band will cost you approximately $1,000. Various embellishments, such as engraving or diamonds, will rapidly add to the price, so mind this contribution in your budget in case you want to personalize the ring. The cost of the engraving depends on the number of symbols, the engraving style used (hand or machine) and the font.

6. Rely on Your Lifestyle

Remember that your band is not for one day, rather every day, so the purpose is to select something that will become a significant part of your life. A slimmer band with rounded edges will make sense for people who play an instrument or sports. A solid metal ring without gemstones or other elements will be the perfect choice for the person doing handwork. An extra durable platinum ring is the best choice for super active people.

7. Try Different Variants

You may enjoy the idea of a diamond eternity band or a braided rose gold ring, but that is not the reason to stop the search. When you are in the store, try various rings, even if they don’t fit your inspiration board. Talk to the jeweler and let him/her suggest some variants based on your preference. That resembles choosing a wedding dress much since you may end up purchasing a dress you would never think of. Take it and wear around the store for a while, try texting and writing in it to be sure it is 100% comfortable.

8. Think Prospective

Don’t worry about being trendy, but choose the style you will want to wear for the following, let’s say, 40 years. Don’t stress too much: there is no problem that cannot be solved. Finally, you are married not to the ring, but a man, so you can always charge some details of the band.

9. Consider the Maintenance

If your wedding ring is decorated with stones, you need to take maximum care for it to stay clean and sparkling. Wash and soak the band in sudsy water, brush it with an eyebrow or soft toothbrush, rinse and pat it dry with a soft cloth. Is that much for you? Then just opt for a platinum or fuss-free gold. You will just have to rub it with a lint-free, soft cloth.

10. Right Size Matters

The vast majority of people do not take off their wedding rings without a need, instead, they wear them through winters, summers, pregnancies, exercises and other circumstances – all the times when fingers swell from heat, water, retention, cold and weight gain. Finding the right size, which will deal with all those changes is quite difficult, but possible. Schedule the final band fitting at a time when the temperature of your body is normal and you are calm. Thus, you should not decide in the morning, right after the workout or the moment you are ultimately cold or hot.

11. Check for Quality

No matter if you are choosing a wedding band or just an ordinary ring, you need to consider quality control. Your ring should have two marks, including the trademark of the manufacturer and the quality mark. Both of them can be found on the inner side of the band. 24K or PLAT are the examples of the signs that should be noticeable on an authentic and genuine ring.


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