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Top 5 Reasons It’s OK to Have NO Bridesmaids

BY Julia Lexx | 29.08.2018

A wedding is surely one of the most important days in the lives of both the bride and the groom, so only the closest friends and relatives are expected to share all the emotions and the joy of the big day. Planning, organizing, and other wedding-related worries are usually exceptionally pleasant, as this is the time when your dream may come true and you will be a beautiful bride, standing side by side with the man of your life and among people you like and appreciate. However, as with every event, there can be a fly in an ointment. Traditions, customs, again traditions and customs… It can be overwhelming, so not everyone can cope with all the actions people expect from you. But, your wedding is the right time to break the rules and organize what you have imagined and decided to do.

The pressure can be ultimately strong, but things might not be fitting – including having bridesmaids. For the vast majority of people, it can be an absolutely positive experience, but you may not like it. It doesn’t mean you personally should agree with the ideas of the majority. It is 100% OK not to invite the bridesmaids to the wedding. Below you can find out some reasons and signs that prove that a bridal party and bridesmaids by your side are not your jam.

You Prefer Doing Things Solo

When I was a bride, one of the things that bothered me the most was the prospective of a big dress shopping with the girls. Tastes differ greatly. I know my style and it was rather confusing and embarrassing for me to choose the one I liked the most. Six best friends sitting around you and estimating each option is too much. But, that’s true for me and cannot be the same way for other people. Personally, I faced the same problem so many times during my wedding preparation time. It lasted up to the wedding day. Did it stop that day? Never. Do you feel the same way? There is nothing bad or insulting if you have no bridesmaids at your wedding. Just ask your bffs to help you with some details without letting them immerse into the whole process. Are you more comfortable when doing things alone? Just go for it!

Making Choices

Oh, yes, it is another challenge you will face! I have multiple close friends, who would have ridiculously huge bridal parties if they included every single friend they have. At some point, you need to decide and choose from your best friends. If it is too much pressure on you, maybe you should forget about the overall idea of a bridal party and just have your sibling as a maid of honor or the best man. This is the best way to avoid insults and that feeling of guilt. Don’t fall into that trap of having a bridal party, as it is not an obligatory option, rather optional. This is your day, so you are free to do whatever you are comfortable with and feel no guilt of letting people down.

Financial Aspect

The more people you invite to the bridal party, the bigger budget you need to have. Stretching the budget is fine if it is not too limited, but many unexpected costs may become a real problem. On average, bridesmaids pay for their dresses, hair, and makeup on their own, but still, bouquets, gifts, and several other expenses are for you to cover. Consider an approximate sum of money you will have to spend. It is normal if you’d rather allocate it elsewhere. Remember that all your friends and even bffs are invited to the wedding, so they will share the joy of your celebration, no matter if they are bridesmaids or not.

Day of Duties

There are many moments during the day which provide excellent and fun opportunities to share the moment and celebrate with the closest friends. It starts with getting ready in the morning up to having them stand by your side when you say vows. However, you may prefer to do it all alone rather than getting ready with several girls. Or you want to stand just with your groom as you say I do. Dive into the reasons you want or do not want to have a bridal party. It will help you make the right decision and stay calm.

Near and Far

Irrespective of the wedding type you have, either it is a destination party or not, all of your closest friends might not have an opportunity to be by your side. While the idea of late night bubbly sessions and wedding planning shindigs with the girls may sound impressive and fun for some, others might not consider it feasible. Besides, when you get together with your best friends during the days that lead up to I dos, it might not be the best option to bomb them with wedding tasks. You may rather spend quality time together, letting your wedding organizer deal with some issues.

All in all, consider your feelings and rely on them. If you are not about the idea of bridesmaid thing, there is no reason to force it. Skip everything you feel uncomfortable about. That’s your day. Enjoy it!


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